International Association of Accounting Professionals

Joint Certification of the China Enterprise Financial Management Association

The signing ceremony for the joint certification of the China Enterprise Financial Management Association (EFMAC) and the International Association of Accounting Professionals (IAAP), United Kingdom was successfully held in Beijing On the afternoon of June 24, 2020, the EFMAC and the official the signing ceremony of the joint certification in China. Mr Li Yongyan, President of the China Enterprise Financial Management Association, Mr Liu Yun, Vice President and Dean of the Business School, Ms Hu Fang, Executive Deputy Secretary General and Executive Dean of the Business School, Mr Li Lianhe, Deputy Secretary General and Director of the International Department, Ms Janet Jack, CEO of the IAAP authorized Mr Li He, IAAP China Chief Representative to attend to the meeting on behalf of IAAP.

At the meeting, Mr. Li He, presented the background cooperation of the joint certification project. Ms. Janet, the CEO of IAAP congratulated the signing cooperation ceremony between the two parties via video conferencing from London, UK. Ms Janet looks forward to visit EFMAC in Beijing for further discussion and enhance the joint certification work when the situation permitted.

Vice President Liu Yun said that under the impact of the Covid 19 epidemic, the development of enterprises is facing huge challenges such as insufficient funds, brain drain, and operational difficulties. In this special period, the joint certification of IAAP and the EFMAC will cultivate high-end international enhanced financial management talents, improve the talent capacity of enterprises, a breakthrough in management will have a positive role talent development in. He stressed that the current certification projects will also face some difficulties in development. Both parties should uphold professionalism, tolerance, responsible, and innovation spirit and cooperation in this difficulties time. Both parties should be creative and responsive to future opportunities and challenges.

Vice President Liu Yun inspecting the IAAP teaching materials.

Chairman Li Yongyan emphasized that this is the first international financial management certification for the Chinese Enterprise Management Association to cooperate with international associations. The cooperation between the two parties will improve the ability of Chinese corporate finance professionals to move towards international financial business solutions. The IAAP China Representative Office will localize and innovate the advanced experience accumulated in the IAAP certification standards to facilitate the learning and understanding of domestic students. It is hoped that through this cooperation, China, Britain and other countries can explore new training and innovation models in the field of international financial management personnel training.

Chairman Li Yongyan hopes that this cooperation can improve the current situation of serious shortage of international high-end financial management talents in China, promote the construction of an international high-end financial management talent team, and continuously enhance China’s right to speak and influence in the field of international financial management. China’s economic transformation and upgrading and high-quality development play an active role.

After the meeting, Executive Deputy Secretary-General Hu Fang, Joint Director Li and related leaders conducted in-depth interactive exchanges on cooperation issues between the two parties. Representatives of both parties completed the formal certification agreement.

Signing ceremony between EMFAC and IAAP on 24/06/2020.