Michelle Carvill – The Importance of Making Time for you

The world is covid weary and we’ve carried on working through it all but to what detriment to your health.

In this episode, I’m speaking to Michelle Carvill the author, speaker and entrepreneur about her initiative The Preventative Health Care Service after she burnt herself out and found a way back.

Some of the questions I ask her and discuss are

What happens when we don’t give ourselves space and rest
Seeing the gift in the stress
The collective actions that we can take to help us
The domino effect that can lead to more stress and ill-health
Watch what you’re consuming
Why breathing is so important and how to do it properly

Michelle Carvill is a strategic marketer, digital agency founder, consultant, CIM Course Director for Social Media Strategy and Sustainable Marketing – and five times published author and business book awards finalist in the marketing, digital and social media space. In 2002 she founded digital agency, Carvill Creative. In 2018 she founded a social enterprise, focused on preventative healthcare – The Preventative Healthcare Service and in 2019, an online training provision, The Online Digital Academy.  In Jan 2021, Michelle was recognised as one of the UK’s Top 100 Inspirational Business Women by Small Business Britain. In March 2021, shortlisted as Digital Woman of the Year. And also cited by Business Insider as Top 10 UK Experts in Social Media.  Michelle continues the conversation around digital leadership and sustainability via her podcasts, The Connected Leader Podcast – and Can Marketing Save the Planet.

You can find Michelle on her website here