Jill Poet – How to make a Difference to the Planet?

In this latest episode of the IAAP podcast, Simon interviews Jill Poet from The Organisation for Responsible Businesses or ORB for short which is also a new member benefit.

Simon asks Jill
What is a Triple Bottom Line approach to business?
What is the Responsible Business Standard?
What can small business owners do to reduce their carbon footprint?
What’s something not many people know about her?
What’s the one piece of advice she would leave the world?

About Jill
Her professional background is management accountancy: She was a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians from its launch in 1980 until 2018.

Having either worked for various small businesses and/or running my own small practice for over 40 years, Jill is passionate about small business success. But is equally passionate about micro and small businesses operating ethically and responsibly and always considering their impact on people and the environment. In other words, a Triple Bottom Line approach to business.

Her philosophy is that Doing Good is Good for Business and ethical and responsible businesses will be the most profitable and sustainable for the longer term.

Jill launched the Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) in 2010 as a membership organisation. https://orbuk.org.uk

In 2011, ORB launched the Responsible Business Standard, which was validated by Anglia Ruskin University, as a robust, full onsite auditable certification designed specifically for small businesses.

Get involved today

This year, 2021, they have moved the certification process online, apart from an upgrade option that requires a short visit from one of our auditors. The Responsible Business Standard portfolio includes a course that can either be taken as a stand-alone option or in tandem with various certification options which include a CPD course/certification accredited with 20 hours CPD credit. https://responsiblebusinessstandard.org.uk