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Buoyant UAE ‘attracting top talent from India’

Buoyant UAE ‘attracting top talent from India’

The UAE’s continuing recovery from the pandemic, notably with the expansion of companies operating in the tech sector, is attracting new levels of highly skilled Indian workers, according to recruiters.

And the trend is expected to gather momentum in the coming months, as the UAE continues to be attractive thanks to increased corporate expansion in the region, and the ongoing investor-friendly policies initiated by UAE authorities, said A. Ramachandran, managing partner – UAE at recruiting firm EMA Partners.

“There is a robust and continued demand for Indian talent in leadership roles across functions in the Middle East,” he said.

He added that with more and more CEO roles coming up in the Middle East as companies gear up for major expansion plans post-pandemic, Indians are among the preferred employees. Within the Middle East, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are the top two destinations for skilled Indian workers.


Bucking the trend

The influx of skilled workers from the sub-continent to the UAE bucks the trend of Indian workers preference for Europe, recruiting experts say. One HR expert told the Arabian Business website: “Along with the emerging opportunities in the corporate sector and expectations on the region’s rising economic status globally, efficient handling of the pandemic situation, including the vaccination drive, and the world-class healthcare facilities coming up in countries like the UAE, seemed to have changed the mindset of top Indian corporate professionals towards the region.”

The surging demand for Indian talent is also leading to a sharp increase in the value of pay packages. “Compensation packages have seen a 25-30% increase from the pre-pandemic period for most leadership roles,” Ramachandran said. He said this was especially the case for tech roles, as there is increasing demand for the best candidates as companies expand.

Demand for Indian talents is also rising for middle and lower level corporate jobs in the Middle East is also seeing a huge rise of late, the experts say.


GCC expansion

Companies across sectors in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region are currently putting in place large-scale expansion plans in the wake of a surge in demand, as the region’s economies are showing a faster than expected recovery post-pandemic.

The UAE government has also been unveiling major policy initiatives, including an easier process for setting up businesses and long-term residency visas for investors and professionals, to attract foreign investments and top talent into their countries.

The GCC Region consists of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.