70% of UAE firms see hybrid working as the future

70% of UAE firms see hybrid working as the future


Nearly seven in 10 UAE-based organisations believe that they will lose staff and will be unable to attract new talent if they don’t address their hybrid work processes and plans, according to a new report released by US communications company Poly.

The study – entitled ‘Recruit, Retain, and Grow’ – analyses work policies, culture and wellbeing, have polled the opinions of more than 2,500 global business decision-makers. In particular, it focused on how organisations are responding to their employees’ demand for the best spaces to work from.

The research found that workers are visiting the office on average three days a week, with Wednesday being the most popular day.

According to the survey, 23% of UAE-based organisations expect staff to work from the office at least three days a week, and 88% of UAE companies believe that employees should be able to request flexible working hours when they join.

More than one in three of these companies (35%) are considering reimbursing hybrid workers who work from home, while 33% are considering offering flexibility to allow its workers to commute outside of peak travel times.

Senior vice president of Public Affairs at Poly, John Goodwin, said: “At Poly, we believe that being able to enable a hybrid working environment is not the endgame, but a starting point for the competitive organizations today. Our latest research validates Poly’s point of view.

“We found that employees are supportive of companies that take a holistic approach to defining their culture, offer flexibility in where and how they work, and are provided with the right tools to succeed.”

Some 16% of employees leaving their job said the main reason for them quitting was their employer’s approach to hybrid work, while 9% were unhappy about the way their employers handled Covid-19.


Other key findings

The report also found that while more than half (54%) of UAE organisations are fully prepared for hybrid working (as opposed to 48% globally), only 34% are prepared in the short-term. A further 68% percent of the firms think that hybrid working is a fad.

The report also stated that 85% of surveyed companies in the UAE saw an increase in productivity as a result of the shift to hybrid working, with a global average increase of 27%.

Additionally, 83% of UAE-based companies are redesigning their offices with more open plan areas, collaboration spaces, quiet zones and areas for staff to socialise.